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Your trash can is probably the single most unhygenic thing in your household.

A trash can left un-cleaned is a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and insect larvae, all of which can spread disease to you and your family.

Our regular (monthly, every other month, or quarterly) cleaning process leaves your trash can sanitized and odor free.

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Our specialized trash can cleaning trucks have a totally self contained water system, ensuring water is re-used through a series of filters throughout the day, and that no water enters storm drains.

Our system is 100% environmentally friendly, and we only use Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable cleaning products.

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Our high Presure, rotating spray heads, operating at 1500psi and 23 gallons per minute, give your trash can the most thorough clean it will get.

Our unique routing system provides timely, reliable, and accountable service.

Our staff is professionally uniformed and fully insured AND we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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